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Additional Services


Initial baseline hearing test to determine if there is any hearing loss. Audiogram illustrates your hearing ability by showing your hearing threshold at various frequencies. Hearing threshold is an indication of how soft a sound may get before it is inaudible. A hearing threshold of between 0 and 25 dB is considered normal.

Pulmonary Function Testing 

Spirometry testing is used to measure how well your lungs are functioning. This test measures the air flow in and out of your lungs. This test consists of breathing into a small machine that records the amount of air you breath in and out and the speed of your breath. 

Lifting Evaluation

A lift test helps employers screen candidates for pre-existing injuries or limitations for specific job functions while teaching the employee proper lifting techniques. This test can be customized to the physical demand of the job that the candidate will be performing and the ability of the candidate to meet those demands.


Citran offers vaccines such as Hep A, B & C, TDAP, MMR and also antibody blood work to determine immunity from certain diseases for employees working in areas that may have a potential for exposure.

Vision Screening 

We have the ability to test for near, far, color and peripheral vision to accommodate specific vision requirements by employers.

On-Site Services

Let us come to you!  Citran offers the convenience of testing right in your workplace with no disruption to your daily operations.  Instead of your employees taking time away from their job and driving to Citran’s facility, our professional and friendly staff come right to your door. Helping employers save time and money by limiting time away from work.  We are capable of serving any industry: manufacturing, construction, warehouse, school, we have your testing needs covered.  The most utilized services that are scheduled on-site are drug & alcohol testing, vaccinations, vision testing and even DOT physicals.

The ability to take our testing mobile is especially popular for random drug & alcohol testing programs.  Scheduling an on-site offers employers flexibility to accommodate all shifts, to maintain compliance and ability to test a larger number of employees at one time.  Citran can also help employers establish and manage a random drug and alcohol program, whether you need a DOT consortium or stand-alone program. 

Our collectors will ensure the testing environment is clean, secure and in a private designated restroom with no access to running water or liquids while maintaining privacy for donors. The Citran staff meets the highest collection standards set forth by 49 CFR Part 40 while maintaining the integrity of specimens collected on-site.