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Work-Related Injury Care

Prompt, professional treatment for your employees immediately following a work-related incident/illness by our BWC certified providers. We focus on acute injury care for work-related injuries with emphasis on sutures/ laceration repair, sprains/strains, casting/splinting and removal of foreign bodies from eyes & skin are common procedures at Citran Occupational Health. While the severity of some injuries may require the need to refer a patient to a specialty clinic (such as orthopedist or neurologist) we are trained to handle all injuries.

Citran believes there are six key factors an employer should look for in an occupational health provider to have a successful partnership: collaboration, communication, knowledge of BWC recordables, understanding of the employee’s working environment, having a local facility/contacts, and a structured injured worker policy and procedure. 

Citran offers case management to provide communication and guidance for employers and their injured employees.  As an employer, you can expect to receive a phone call from the provider that same day after initial treatment and the Ohio BWC Medco-14 form within 24 hours regarding the medical and work status of an employee. Citran offers in-house hospital grade X-Rays with knowledgeable staff and over 20 year’s experience. Performing a wide range of digital diagnostic imaging in a professional, private setting allowing immediate diagnosis.

Our in-house physical therapy department manned by Tuttle Rehab works closely with our treating providers at Citran to quickly and safely return employees back to full duty.    Tuttle Rehab offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program to help employee’s manage their pain while increasing flexibility, strength and endurance through a workout program designed specifically for them.

Provider tours are encouraged so that our providers can get a better understanding of your working environment and help minimize injuries at your facility.  Our goal is to work with you to avoid recordables when possible and return employees back to full duty safely and swiftly!

  • Acute Injury Care 
  • In-House Hospital Grade X-Ray 
  • In-House Physical Therapy 
  • BWC Claim Management

If you need work-related injury care in the Dayton/Springfield area please call for assistance: (937) 340-6488

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