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24/7 Drug & Alcohol Testing

On-Call Emergency Drug & Alcohol Testing

Citran’s Emergency On-Call Testing service was designed to help employers discourage the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Especially if an employee operates a commercial motor vehicle. As a safety-sensitive employer, it’s crucial that you conduct post-accident testing when an employee is involved in an accident. Federal testing is designed to determine if the accident was caused by an impaired employee to empower the employer to take the next steps and help protect the business. If your CDL employee was involved in an accident, Citran can help you follow the DOT regulations. Employers are responsible to conform with requirements of the 49 CFR part 40 to conduct post-accident testing within 8-32 hour timeframe. If employers do not comply with this timeframe, they shall make a statement with reasons why the testing was not administered.

How Can We Help

  • Citran’s on-call emergency testing service is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • A cell phone dedicated to our client companies’ emergency testing needs
  • Typical response time of 90 minutes or less. If the collector is on another call the response time can be greater but the estimated time of arrival will be communicated
  • Standard collection process to ensure integrity of specimen
  • Experienced collectors equipped with proper forms and supplies
  • Premium service with no hidden fees
  • Results typically within 24 hours or less
  • Our on-call collectors are trained in our clinic to do the on-site collections and breath alcohol tests according to the DOT regulations
  • Portable breath alcohol testing machines are used on-site (RBT-IV) and calibrated/checked before each test

Types of Testing

  • Post-Accident – DOT/NON-DOT Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing – DOT/NON-DOT Testing

How Does the Testing Process Work

  • If an emergency, injured employee should seek medical treatment immediately
  • Call Citran’s on-call cell phone at (937) 776-1103
    Have the details ready… what testing is required, name of injured employee, name of employer representative that will accompany employee and specific instructions for building entrance
  • On-call collector will make arrangements to meet at employer location within 90 minutes or less
  • No services will be performed unless an employer representative is present

Call (937) 343-6155 to set up an account for around-the-clock emergency drug & alcohol testing