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Preparing for your DOT Physical Exam

Making Your DOT Physical Less Stressful

The exam will assess your general health and will include:

  • General Appearance
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth & Throat
  • Heart
  • Lungs & Chest
  • Abdomen & Organs
  • Vascular (blood movement) System
  • Urinary System
  • Extremities/Limbs

If you have ANY medical conditions bring information from your physician stating stability of your condition.

Don’t wait until the last minute to make your appointment for your physical. Many times drivers make an appointment then they need to reschedule because of personal or family issues. Scheduling early allows for you to change the appointment without adding to your stress. 

Remember to bring your Photo ID and any company authorization. 

If you have ANY medical conditions bring information from your physician stating stability of your condition. If you wish, we have a letter that will give your physician guidance in what information we need. Please stop by our clinic to pick up a copy. Below is listed medical conditions that require we receive additional information from your private physician. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have this information to us. 

  • Diabetics– Most recent Hemoglobin A1C, preferably within 3 months, Yearly ophthalmologist eye exam. Diabetic retinopathy MUST be evaluated by an ophthalmologist. Treatment with insulin without a Federal Diabetes Exemption is DISQUALIFYING. 

  • Hypertension– Name and dosage of medications and letter from physician if possible. 

  • Cardiac condition – Last stress test, or echo cardiogram, (within 1 year in MOST cases) if you are on a medicine to control cardiac rhythm, last EKG and letter from cardiologist stating rate and rhythm control and in ALL CASES of CARDIAC CONDITION need to supply last documented Ejection Fraction. 

  • Depression or other Mental Health Condition – Medication name and dosage and letter of condition stability from treating physician. Look on the DOT site to see disqualifying medications. 

  • Current diagnosis Sleep Apnea– Read out from your C-Pap machine showing compliance. 

  • If you have BMI over 30 and/or neck circumference that is 17 inches or over for men or 15 inches or over for women, you may require a sleep study. Contact our office and we may be able to help get that study completed prior to your appointment and for a significant savings before your DOT physical. 

  • If you have had seizures in the past 5 years, bring medications, reason for seizure and EEG. Diagnosis of Epilepsy is Disqualifying. 

  • If you are missing a limb, you will need a Skilled Performance Evaluation before your DOT physical. 

  • If you wear corrective lenses (glasses or contacts) to drive, remember to bring them. 

  • If you wear a hearing aide to qualify, you may have to receive a hearing test by your audiologist if you do not pass the whisper test. If unsure contact your audiologist before your DOT physical date. 

  • LASTLY ANYTHING YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT, CALL OUR OFFICE. WE WILL GLADLY TALK WITH YOU TO MAKE CERTAIN YOU HAVE THE INFORMATION YOU NEED.  Remember that you may not pass even after bringing all this information, as there are certain conditions like epilepsy that are disqualifying.